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This is your host Iulian Bieber From DBWF federation.The Wrestling Game.A game for the ages it is a game which people die to play.Its is a online wrestling simulation game.The Pictures which i posted above was nothing compared to what it is like playing the real thing.Its a game which you can interact with other people from the world who love wrestling (Like Me).You can choose your own name from CaPtAiN Aw0some- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.You can choose any name.Wait not choose MAKE!.You could also choose any server you want to join either server 1,server 2,server 3 and other language server's(Some opened about 1 month ago like the danish sevrer)Also when you join either one of the server you will have to choose your class.Some description i shall give.


The toughest wrestlers in the world. Able to destroy the opponents with devastating Moves.
BONUS: 50% less time to learn strength skills.
Class ability: Augmented damage and attack bonus.Meaning? well This class is a like you say powerhouse a class which does not fail when it comes to giving high bleed and very strong attacks it can easily K.O you.(Currently My Class).


The masters of submissions. Able to counter the opponents moves and connect devastating grappling holds.
BONUS: 50% less time to learn technique skills.
Class ability: Augmented attack bonus and damage for submission moves and blocking bonus.Meaning?Well this class is a master at the wrestling art of submissions it can make you forfeit due to a injury And can make people scream in pain its hell for the person you face.I am currently Strength But i am working on a build Str-Sub (will get to the build types later) and this is one of my matches moments.Scream In Pain
Jackson James grabs an heavy extinguisher
and hits speedstar on his knee executing a violent extinguisher shot!!SPEEDSTAR IS SCREAMING IN PAIN!!


Cruiserweight champions are speed class wrestlers. These wrestlers are able to perform an incredible series of moves and have a high possibility to dodge or avoid opponent's moves.
BONUS: 50% less time to learn speed skills.
Class ability: Augmented Initiative and more pinning power.Now what does it mean?Well it means that Speed class has a lot of stamina which can allow a wrestler more time to be in a match and not wear out and it helps you stay in a match longer if you hit a Move like really high damage and if you don't have sufficient stamina you will not be able to hit lots of powerful moves (Thats a must to have stamina if Strength) but if you do have stamina you will last longer in a match.


These wrestlers are real bulldozers. Resistance class wrestlers are very hard to stare down.
BONUS: 50% less time to learn resistance skills.
Class ability: Augmented life points and augmented damage reducer.Meaning?Well this class means that if you have a lot of health points and damage reducer(That means if lots of attack hits you it will reduce the actual damage)your color in a match would not drop quickly and you also will have a advantage.


BONUS: 12.5% less time to learn each skill.
Class ability: The balanced wrestler can learn a generalized bonus in all of the abilities.Meaning?Well its all the 4 classes combined.

Types Of Builds.only 2 right now


Str-sub= Strength And submission Build
Str-bleed=Strength and Bleed Build


Tech-Damage:Technique + Damage Build
Tech-Bleed:Technique + Bleed build.

Damage Power and damage:
0-19 = Light
20-39 = Strong 
40-64 = Violent 
65-79 = Powerful 
80-199 = Fantastic 
200-299 = Incredible 
300-399 = Devastating 
400-499= Extreme 
500-599= Mortal 
600-699= Extraordinary 
700-799= Hardcore 
800-899= Heroic 
900-999= Invincible 
1000-2999= LEGENDARY 

Sorry for not colored Some issues want to check color's?Go to 

You could also join some federations there in total 20+ Federations on Server 1 & 10+ in Server 3.You can win titles like the WG Title (On the top of the page) First Blood (second) Submissions (3rd) Last Man Standing (4th).Now this is a game where all the fans of wrestling come and play this game is about have the right build for the right time and becoming on top will get you in some time but when you reach the top all the people will respect you.You have a lot of chances to win anything and gain WS (wrestler score) and proceed with going to the top.I hope you Like this blog and good morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night (according to time zone).Good Bye And here is the link to the game.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Wrestling Game only Pictures Of my Account 10-30 pics(Part 1 Pictures)

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